Beixinqiao is a station on Line 5 of the Beijing Subway. For more details view the ExploreBeijing interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Beixinqiao
Chinese (simplified) 北新桥
Located on Line 5
Pronounciation Běixīnqiáo

Map of Beixinqiao

Tips near Beixinqiao

American food in a hutong atmosphere at Grandma's Kitchen. Just opposite of exit C


Mar 30, 2012



Mar 5, 2013

There is a good bakery called 85 by the exit B


Aug 20, 2013

exit B, beixinqiao san tiao (3rd alley, north from subway) - great alley with many barbecues, and good atmosphere:D


Sep 6, 2014

Exit A to get to cafe de la poste bar


Nov 1, 2014

Take exit B to get to Cafe de la Poste


Nov 1, 2014

I've ben living here for a semester, beautiful and convenient neighborhood to improve your chinese!


Dec 20, 2014

Lark Brewpub is nearby and if you walk west you can find another cool spot called Beetle In The Box

Ryan B

Feb 26, 2015

Exit C (southeast) is bit hidden, best exit to meet is Exit D (southwest)


May 27, 2015

To get to a great bar called Más, 3rd of all food on a Wednesday. Leave at exit C.

Joe Harveu

Aug 12, 2015

First train/Last train