Gulou Dajie

Gulou Dajie is a station on Line 2 and Line 8 of the Beijing Subway. For more details view the ExploreBeijing interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Gulou Dajie
Chinese (simplified) 鼓楼大街
Located on Line 2 and Line 8

Map of Gulou Dajie

Tips near Gulou Dajie



Apr 8, 2014

Head south on Jiugulou and you'll hit the bell tower and historical parts of BJ.

Ryan B

Dec 27, 2014

Lots of interesting hutongs between here and Andingmen


Mar 24, 2015

accessibility report: The line 8 side of this stop has escalators. I didn't see an elevator but I didn't look.


May 27, 2015

accessibility report: the line 2 side of this stop has STAIRS to access the platform. If you can't handle stairs don't board or transfer here.


May 27, 2015

exit B (SO), walk south

Jul 13, 2015

exit G for Bell and Drum tower.


Jun 28, 2016

Check out Modernista Bar for cool music. There's lots more to see in Baochao hutong where it's situated too.

Mark Humber

Sep 28, 2016

First train/Last train