Qilizhuang is a station on Line 9 and Line 14 of the Beijing Subway. For more details view the ExploreBeijing interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Qilizhuang
Chinese (simplified) 七里庄
Located on Line 9 and Line 14
Pronounciation Qīlǐzhuāng

Map of Qilizhuang

Tips near Qilizhuang

Pay extra attention to signage at this station. Sometimes very confusing.

David Feng

Apr 12, 2014

SZ nice apartments nearby.


11 months ago

SSZ apartment at Exit E. Beware that exits are confusing. Watch carefully for appropriate exit signs.


11 months ago

First train/Last train

Photos near Qilizhuang

DSC19310 DSC19310

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