Sanyuanqiao is a station on Line 10 and Capital Airport Express of the Beijing Subway. For more details view the ExploreBeijing interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Sanyuanqiao
Chinese (simplified) 三元桥
Located on Line 10 and Capital Airport Express

Map of Sanyuanqiao

Tips near Sanyuanqiao

Hotel Novotel Beijing Sanyuan


Sep 11, 2012

Express train to the airport leads from here and Dongzhimen stations


Nov 14, 2012



Jan 11, 2013

Eudaim Ltd (北京佳友商贸有限公司) is based here.

Richard Bishop

Apr 24, 2013

Go to Exit D and turn left for Novotel, Ibis, and Phoenix City (凤凰城).

Richard Bishop

Apr 24, 2013

BMW China Headquarters, Exit C1


Jun 1, 2013

take a taxi to 798. about 15 minute arrived


Jun 19, 2014

Take exit C3, take bus 401 to 798. The stop is 大山子路口南站 (Dazhangzi Lukou Nan Zhan)


Aug 10, 2014

Go to exit C3 and take bus 401 to 798. Get off at 大山子路口南站 (Dashanzi Lukou Nan Zhan). 30 minutes approx (5.1km).


Aug 10, 2014

Going to airport please note first stop is Terminal 3, then the train goes to Terminal 1 & 2.


Jun 24, 2015

H&M at Exit A

Hasan Izhar Khan

Oct 24, 2015

Take Express train to Beijing Capital Airport - about 15 minutes to reach Terminal 3.

Ibrahim Attiya

Mar 6, 2017

First train/Last train