Yizhuangqiao is a station on Yizhuang Line of the Beijing Subway. For more details view the ExploreBeijing interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Yizhuangqiao
Chinese (simplified) 亦庄桥
Located on Yizhuang Line

Map of Yizhuangqiao

Tips near Yizhuangqiao

Decathlon exit A1, you need to go to road and later to right


Jun 18, 2016

First train/Last train

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  • 窗外的烟囱 #china #beijing #curtain #chimney 窗外的烟囱 #china #beijing #curtain #chimney
  • IMG_20131004_120033 IMG_20131004_120033
  • 今天真得超熱 今天真得超熱
  • 運動運動,從地鐵走兩公里回家,旁邊柳樹都在噴奇怪的樹液 運動運動,從地鐵走兩公里回家,旁邊柳樹都在噴奇怪的樹液
  • 難得要進皇城走走 難得要進皇城走走
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  • 在大陸只有我在戴口罩,頓時覺得自己好像明星喔(大誤),哈哈 在大陸只有我在戴口罩,頓時覺得自己好像明星喔(大誤),哈哈
  • 熱死了! 熱死了!
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