Olympic Park Aolinpike Gongyuan

Olympic Park is a station on Line 8 and Line 15 of the Beijing Subway. For more details view the ExploreBeijing interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Olympic Park
Chinese (simplified) 奥林匹克公园
Located on Line 8 and Line 15
Former names Olympic Park

Map of Olympic Park

Tips near Olympic Park

accessibility report1: The distance between these lines (8 and 15) are a hike. If you traveled straight it wouldn't be bad but think amusement park lines, you weave.


May 27, 2015

Transfer between 8 & 15 is 3:30 (brisk walk / off peak).


Sep 7, 2015

science and technology museum here, very interesting, but overwhelming, cheap entrance


Feb 5, 2016

The metro entrance is in an underground shopping mall, where you can find several restaurants offering great food on a reasonable price.


Feb 5, 2016

take exit D for Xin'ao shopping mall and Halal Pizza

Muhammad Shahzaib

Oct 6, 2016

First train/Last train